Standard Klan

20150406_141424 20150406_141446 20150406_141455

Leather, rusted metal and chipped red paint… Green-skin don’t like it fancy. Outside of the usual canon I like to accentuate their ears with flesh-tones and give their tongues and gums purple tints.

  • Ork Warboss. Standard model, with accentuated pose. Faint blue warpaint on its skin, and a flayed head under his foot.


  • Gretchin. A standard grot mob.


  • Grot Runtherds. A standard runtherd with a whip gave room to equip a grunt with a nice slimy squig. The slime was made with melted translucent green plastic.


  • Ork Boyz and Nobz. Some with choppas, some with sluggas and extra armor for all. Both nobz are standard models, with an added mech grot to the Mega-armoured one, with some steel-wool out of its exhaust pipes.



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