Space Marines


Khârn the betrayer leads a charge of khorne berzerkers.

  • Khârn. One of the last I’ve painted. Last month. Sick, vein-ridden skin on his exposed arm, dripping with some fresh victim’s blood. I tried some plasma heated green Steel-wool on the gun… could really use some air-brushing, but I’m yet to get my hands on one of those.


From left to right, the first two berzerkers were converted using heads from the game that got me into the hobby: Space Crusade. The later was a heavy from Necromunda. This have been in my collection for a long time, as is.


  • Noise Marines. Freshly painted, right after Khârn. I’ve added some extra tubing on this guys, and some trophies. I used cordage, here… after the undercoat and a first layer, it becomes rigid as plastic. Went crazy with some free-hand on their armor, too.


  • Lord Typhus. The traveler… carrier of the zombie warp-disease. Last chaos miniature I’ve painted so far. To represent the destroyer hive I’ve added some purple steel-wool. From some distance it almost looks as a pair of sickening smoky wings. The base was completed with some found sea-washed wood and some friends getting out of the ground. The scythe was painted with that Amethyst Purple I talked about before, on the Tyranid post; my oldest Citadel color… irreplaceable metalized purple. But also tried some of the latest… those technical paints from the citadel range: Typhus Corrosion (very appropriate), and the ridiculously bombastic Blood for the Blood God, fake gory blood on the go. Liked them both very much…



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