Golden Jackals apocrypha Chapter


This are the guys that got me into the hobby… Well, actually it was a Tv add of Space Crusade they released the year after the one from HeroQuest had as all wanting the fantasy game for Christmas.

The idea of the Golden Jackal would be to act as proxy of either Space Wolves or Dark Angels… the irony.



  • Captain in Terminator armor:  This guy is short… He can’t compensate even in Terminator gear. Never quite liked the banner concept much, but anyways, the color scheme on this guys was supposed to be a bit more stealthy than usual codex canon… Flashy drapes of brightly colored icons don’t extend field survivability, and I never bought into the Inquisition propaganda.
  • Missile Launcher: Pretty much vanilla.
  • Chief Librarian Ezekiel: Changed the sword for a “power Katana”… Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • Marine 1: Packing a lot of field supplies. Backpack came from a Necromunda bounty-hunter.
  • Squad Commander: Converted pose, added a hanging bolter.
  • Marine 2: Nothing special it would seem, but it was just painted a week ago trying to mimic those others I did twenty years ago… totally different brands of paint. Were the old ones are mainly Humbrol enamel and Tamiya with just a bit of Citadel. Now I went full Citadel.
  • Marine 3: Converted the hold clip in hand that now comes in the sprue… Mordheim head on the guy.
  • Marine 4: Checking the harouspex pose… Aliens style blinking blips on the screen.
  • Flame Thrower: Helmet strapped to leg, sporting a crazed head form a Necromunda Beast-Master, and a converted “heavy” flame-thrower and pack from a Goliath Heavy, also from the Necromunda range.


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