Rex Decadent Retexture


Last updated at 0:45, 22 Nov 2010 – Uploaded at 11:44, 13 Nov 2010



First mod I release for this saga. I’m code-blind, so I took the extraction from Zalpha ‘s “Fallout New Vegas Enhanced”
Rex’s Cleaner Shinnier Newer Retexture,
Check it out:

…Went the other way, turned it into copper… rust, extra rivets. Some nice victorian graving… And for the fleshy inside, something to justify not looking for a good mechanic instead of an advanced brain surgeon to fix the poor thing.

Also played around with the transparency layer for extra gore, and just by adding a “_n” I could also add a custom normal-map! Me so haker!

Guess I’ll never find the eyes like that… I couldn’t change the texture of them.

But if you find that carnage a bit too much, just erase “” and “dog_n”, or use the shinier version from Zalpha… since the armor it’s almost fully on it’s own, though you’ll keep the skinned armored spine.

Use on any compilation mod as desired, just put me on the credits… and… well, a message through the Nexus so I can check it out once you release it, would be nice, but if you are the bulk downloader that I am, and the bombs dropped already, that may be not possible anymore.

To see Rex, you need to get to Freeside, and into the “King’s School of Impersonation”… There, sometimes humping a dude sitting, (when loading a save inside the school he does that…) is Rex, in all it’s steampunky-trashed-body-glory.

Don’t judge him by that first look, once he gets outside he will never be so poorly lighted like inside that place again…
No wonder it wimps like that. The brain only shines so bad in there, that i have seen… and probably it’s what’s really killing the dog.
Vanilla does it too. I digress… Hope you like it!


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