40K Nurgle / Death Guard WIP Army

3 thoughts on “40K Nurgle / Death Guard WIP Army

  1. Those look great, love the degree of conversion and personalisation on each one. Nice to see those old plague marines, you don’t see them often now but they blew me away when they were first released. Love the sickly green glow on the plasma weapons! The little Nurgle sticking out of the top of the tank is a nice touch (is he from the old Typhus model?). Would be curious to see some more pictures of the tank, you’ve really done a lot to convert it and give it a Nurgle flavour. Overall great stuff, I’ll be keeping an eye out for any future recruits to the Plague God’s cause 🙂

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    1. Wow! Thanks! The old Plague Marines are a tad small for today’s standards I guess, but I do like how those old pewter sculpts are a lot crispier and full of textures compared to today’s models… But those sure look dynamic and flashy. Almost Manga? 😛 May Nurgle absolve me of that transgression! I’ve just got my hands on 3 x7 man squads of the new plastic models… Maybe those demons will have to wait! In my “Imaginary Army” that I’m trying to put together, having “some” basic troops makes some kind of sense for prioritizing… And I can hone a bit along the way, for sure.
      I’ll make a post for that Rhino, sure! I’ll tell about all the little infections, there.
      That Vallejo Neon Green sure was a lucky find to contrast both light and saturation! But I think I need some good desaturated yellow something on the scheme (maybe for the tubes and such), or that Citadel Nurgle technical slime (that I haven’t tried) so I can leave the glowy green as an eye-catcher for the eyes and supernatural stuff, only…
      Thank you very much for the interest and taking the time!

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