Mamon (Transfigured) Tainted Nurgle Death Guard demon

Very much vanilla ForgeWorld resin cast.

So I decided it was time to face a challenge… and take my time. I’ve seen people sticking two drone rotors on the back and saying it’s a prince with wings… Not my cup of tea. I think this is the second best miniature I ever owned, and what I did with the “cinematic shot” has already been taking it too far on the freedom department!

All I did was fixing the broken little corner of the tattered cloth bottom… and I made it a bit more dynamic. Also the pipes of the back-deposit to the Contagion Spray, no matter how much I tried to connect them to the inserts on its arm, I had to end up modeling the end part… and adding some extra ooze to it.

I think it ended up taking two weeks of the available “time to play with toy soldiers without disrupting marital life” to finish this one… And I think I might still do an oil pin-wash on certain places… but nothing that could pool on all those hundreds of ulcers, pustules and fatty insides that took so long to differentiate!

The spray shot was made with a hot-glue gun… the strains of liquid didn’t held the tension, and are a thing to work on… In my mind, I see an arch of neon spray… so I might need to try and achieve it, somehow. The transparent slime made with epoxy glue on the tongue and nurglings it’s surprisingly sturdy to the occasional grab… and I think it looks great! It is still a delicate thing to put on your miniatures, and as good as it might look, covering the whole thing in realistic slime would make handling it a bit too nerve-wracking.

(I fully intend to one day play with this army, after all, or that’s what I like to tell myself… and others around me, who sometimes ask if I would not rather paint some of those other ones that don’t trigger a gag reflex.)


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