Warhammer 40K Demon Prince of Nurgle (Winged conversion)

It took me more time than I expected to get back at painting… considering the enormous amount of time spent at home in this Nurgle zeitgeist we’re living… But surprisingly, impending doom and exterminatus didn’t seem like a great fuel for artistic tendencies, in my case… while it was what I very much needed to calm the storm inside… and quelch those Tzeentch plot suspicions, finding the right mindset to get at it actually took at least knowing we were not all going to die, yet… and for sure not all.

I’ve had this guy with me for ages… There is enough lead in this guy to probably poison a river without much help of special rules.

Hefty as it is, I added the metal wings of an eighties’ orc shaman wyvern that I ended with the original (incredibly badass) back-generator exhaust pipes and some tubing of the same diameter the miniature had sculpted going to its wrist-cannon thingy I had laying around.

I connected and held everything in place with the greenstuff itself, without any pins or the like… I worked in two batches, so the first week I just left it resting on the perfect angle that I wanted, so that after it was dry I could sculpt the details on a hard foundation… While I think I did a good job at filling the huge gaps the original figure had, I wasn’t very happy with the shoulders I made… (His second set of shoulders?) So I came out with a plan to hide my crimes… I sculpted “impurity seals” and “demonic incantations” to cover most of the back and planned on adding either wet stinky fur, or what I ended up doing; smoke/psychic fire/warp energy green cotton. In the end I tried pushing the effect a bit more, and added the effect to the bale-sword, too… I tried to make some fire, and it too ended up in the base.

I shall name him “Quarantinus Cottonpus” ascended Nurgle Daemon Prince of Social Distancing.

The paint-job itself took me two painting sessions… so kind of a rushed thing… Not a neat job by any stretch of the imagination… I wasn’t all that inspired to work on the trims, so they were left a bit too basic and sloppy.

For the general surfaces I went with some wet-blending on the skin, and then a lighter value of pale-greenish-blue was dry-brushed on the whole thing… Using just ink and glaces to add the saturation.

The scrolls were filled with a 0.4 ink-pen… It would have looked much better if I had a 0.1 or even a 0.2! But I couldn’t find them… so this it was.

The “foam” in the mouth it’s some glue I used by accident, thinking it was the clear one I used on the slimy wings… but it kind of worked being more opaque, here. It was too fragile, tho… and I had to end the point with hot glue… mixing both transparencies worked even better. Happy little accidents.

I used a pin-wash of black oil-paint… Some gloss varnish to certain fleshy bits and called it finished. Now I see that I forgot to repaint the trim of the base before I took the pictures… Fortunately I also decided that I was not to speed-paint the next one.


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