Warhammer 40K Death Guard – Heretic Astartes

21 Dark Imperium Death Guard traitor marines.

A personal record… I batch-painted them all at the same time. And they still came out pretty neat… Trims and all. (Painting trims really puts my zen at test, and there were a lot of metallic trims on this guys!)

They took me a bit over a week to have them finished… Got them on an ebay listing already glued and primed… The person who put them together had one or two arms missing and a horn basically superglued in place. Other than that he/she/it had made a decent variation out of the possible heads, arms and weapons… So while it was not the focus I tried some basic conversions to change the silhouettes a bit… I don’t know why, but I left the three powerfist champions very much as they came. I think I wanted to test at a certain point that the color scheme and my skills were actually working to produce a “stable gene-seed“.

Most I did on the conversion department was modeling tentacles in the place of the missing arms, and some simple shrouds made of greenstuff, a pipe here and there… and of course, removing the cartoony molded effects, like billows and flies. I might add my own smoke to them, and even add a fly in there… But I sure like my steel-wool a whole lot more than whatever they were going for on this generation. I also “kind of” converted a meltagun out of two pipes and some greenstuff cable.

The incense burners with the smoke on top of one of the backpack models I thought I could clean off… but they just broke. One of the bigger bells I took out and placed it on the hellbrute‘s horn for added Nurgle fluff.

An interesting mention is that I varnished this guys with gloss… It kept the shine of the metals and the “cable-guts”, and also brought back up the crispiness of the fresh pin-wash of black oil paint… I used to think I preferred the matt look, with gloss varnish manually applied in some squishy bits… But I might need some matt liquid varnish now, to do the opposite. I don’t like the glossy cloth at all, or the base… But other than that, I think it’s going to be my default, now.


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