40K DeathGuard – Nurgle Sorcerer – LED fx (Forgeworld)

This was a cool experiment! I had to extend the height of the base a bit with the hot glue that holds the battery in place so that it would fit… There are flatter batteries, but those were not the ones I had. 😛

The paint job itself was inconsequential… While the resin cast seemed fine, there seems to be such thing as “too much texture”… because while it had some good details, the surface was almost sandy and very rough to paint.

As I type this, I’m wondering if maybe I was sold a knockoff recast… I got this out of ebay, and it could be so…

I think the cool part was both the tentacles of energy/miasma made of hot glue, and embedding the led diode at the feet/origin.

The effect was enhanced with a pretty risky spray-can OSL nadir of green lime acrylic!

Light off…
A nurgling at the feet of the sorcerer, looking worried…

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