WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_1

I’ve always dreamt of having one of those Warhammer 40.000 titans since I was a kid… By the time I discovered they even existed, thanks to the old White Dwarf magazine… They were before that, just inspiring illustrations on the booklets of the old Space Crusade game Games Workshop came out with MB.

Well, for anyone that doesn’t know… Those range in the hundreds of buckaroos. But… With the power of conversion and some new acquired confidence… or hobbie need, I decided to try something crazy.

I had this two figures at home, from the McFarlane line of Cyber Units, that I got at a comic store in 06, to have something kind of cool to model in Maya, as I was doing a master away from home, in Madrid.

Guardian Unit 001 and Viral Unit 001… Also, grabbed my bit box of mixed parts, were some eighties Zoids and some real bones… to be added some of the now very scarce GW parts of my “premium” bits box.

I had a picture in my mind… So I chopped and moved around the parts…

I used the torso of Guardian as the hips, and pinned the torso of Viral, using epoxy clay and superglue and managed to keep the waist articulated.

The arms and hands were exchanged and mixed. They too kept their posability. Mostly… The chainsword arm can’t bend at the elbow, but it can turn, and the shoulder works.

I used poster-tac to test fit the shapes, but very soon I had to lock down a shape for the legs, so that they could be pinned down and give me something to start structuring up.

Not easy to decide… But over cool, it weighted keeping it close to the familiar shapes of the “real thing” knight…

The Plague Doctor Nurgle titan-knight was born…

As of now, the head is posable. I glued some bits… (the tail and horns of a trashed Skaven Horned Rat) some tendrils from a Predator (the movie creature)… I have some zombies I could use to decorate, and a huge pewter Scaven Screaming Bell that I hope I can accommodate somehow… But other than that, I don’t have much left I can use… Time to sculpt and scratch build, I guess!


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