WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_2

Posting a third update for my army in a single day… Risking a “perils of the warp”, here… But it puts me on real-time, now…

The tabard is also posable, by the way… It’s connected to what used to be the neck of the McFarlane’s Guardian Unit.

I started adding some green stuff, today… The hip needs hiding the crude joint of epoxy clay and pinning wire and also add some structural reinforcement to the area… My mockup tests proved that to be the most stress heavy union, so this is a first pass, but I will keep on building up the hips.

I started modeling the neck seam, and added a nurgly accent in the form of a tentacle.

A little Nurgle pox running down the chainsaw arm to hide a notorious union gap, and a first pass on the shoulder to really hold the tentacles, with some inlaid pustules made of silica gel pellets.

First pass on the upper carapace.

I tried modeling a linked chain… Didn’t hold it’s shape very well… I think I’d like to use real micro-chain… There has to be some affordable alternative on the cheap bling sections I might be able to use… because this looks to me like a braid at best.

I already messed some things while working on the opposite side… So better to let it cure for today.

I only have two Death Guard miniatures left to paint… And the daunting Forge World Great Unclean One Scabeiathrax I kept for years… maybe a couple of cultists or poxwalkers out of oldhammer zombies using conversion magic…

My birthday to soon be, I will be getting reinforcements… My lovely wife got me a box of start collecting Nurgle demons, plus an extra box of plaguebearers! I scratched my own pocket to get me a Myphitic Blight-hauler plus the easy-build Epidemius and it’s cohort.

My nobody-to-play-with army is going to be ferocious!


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