WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_4

Some progress was made… even if it took things a step back in some areas. Comes with the improvised pàrt of the deal.

I figured to make it more thematic with the usual “40K Titanicus engineering” the back of the caparace needed some sort of exhausts… In lore being vents for the fusion core reactors that power this behemoths.

I played around with some possibilities and decided to go with some long, stylized chimneys, made out of a ZOIDs gun, and some left-over face-plate from the McFarlane action figure.

When fiddling the mockup to see where exactly I wanted them, the back-side of the torso was remade to be more symmetrical, as much as I could since the two parts are not really mirrored… (the original figure had two left calfs)

At that moment I realized the horn with the little bells (being premium bits) would be barely visible, and the big flexible hose, from a G.I. Joe flamethrower got in the way… So changes were made. The horns ended up on the head, where they look like they belong.

I started filling the huge gaps made by the new piping… and decided on yet another change on the shoulder plates. They will rest much higher, beefing up the profile a lot more. I will leave them unglued for a good while… might be even smart to leave it for after paint… But got an image with some poster-tac.


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