WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_5

No progress made on the weekend, but it was a productive monday.

I have virtually no bit parts left that talk to me about either Nurgle, nor titan… I was sure I had nurglings left, but maybe not. So I tried sculpting some. Easier said than done… considering my experience and how damn small they are supposed to be. (not even thinking about the ones on the forgeworld characters, because those are straight microscopic) but I was quite adept at plasticine as a kid, and figured I could do it. Or try…

I went with FIMO… made some little bodies with an approximation of the shape, and hardened them… they didn’t lose too much detail bouncing around in boiling water. It can be oven-baked, but that’s even worse for fine detail… (I think to remember, might need to experiment)

I’m thinking they can be pinned and held for the second pass of “real detail” that I will hopefully attempt tomorrow.

I moved the “pilot pod” atop the carapace again… There is an underlying asymmetry to the parts of the torso that drive me insane… I need to embrace the Warp a bit and live with the fact that being possessed by a demon might bend your frame a bit.

I made a bunch of cables with two-part epoxy putty… It’s not that different to greenstuff in that it’s also a hell to work with… but way less rubbery, sticky and flexible. It’s sandy and it cures in minutes, but it can be detailed within a narrow window of time, just as well.

The new position of the shoulders called for some filling.

I finally had to reattach the shoulders… I want to have them integrated with the torso, so they were glued.

Coming along just fine… It reminds me to one of those Spinner Drones… so hey, Chaos, somehow…


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