WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_6

Ok, so apparently, baked FIMO doesn’t like fresh FIMO… at all. It gets repelled as if I had covered the solid part with oil… So if I’m to model those buggers, it’s going to be in one sitting… or change medium.

I’ve allocated all the hobbie funds I had left to feed the grey pile of unpainted shame that was dangerously near having me paint the Great Unclean One… The ultimate luxury piece I’ve been keeping to the day I find myself at the top of my game. I think I’ve just placed a whole year between me and the need to tackle it. With that, and pertinent to this project, I also got myself a spool of the thinnest linked chain I could find outside overpriced miniature hobby circles, and placed an order for some nice sets of AK interactive effects… All yet to arrive.

In the new pile of plastic I got second hand, and the new boxed plaguebearers and Demons Starter Set (ETA undisclosed, since they are out of stock but expecting reinforcements) I will be getting my hands on some real-thing nurglings… Got two already with Epidemius and his Cohort… but they kind of suck.

So the titan kept growing infection at a stable curve… You want that curve to keep its pace to please Nurgle!


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