WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_7

This was it… A last push, and things can be called ready to paint. Although my wife thought it was silly, since the thing was “already painted”…

The missing day was “wasted” trying to model some fluffy chaos pointy rims on the edges of the panels… I couldn’t find any tutorial on the subject, so tried to approach it with green-stuff as best I could, but failed.

What I did was adding a bunch of extra little things thanks to the sacrifice of a perfectly intact Noxious Blightbringer… First time I feel the imperative need of killing to create… All other conversions I’ve done, were so using bits from “unwanted crap”, “leftover stuff” and “broken shenanigans”… but here for the first time, I applied the clippers quite intentionally to chop appart a perfectly sound miniature I had intended to paint!

In the end, if I wanted to replicate and source all the materials used, it would come down, parts and all, to about… a 100$ project. But some things would need to be changed, since the ZOIDs parts I can track to a Styracosaurus and Stegosaurus, they would not be worth the hundreds those cost… The dreadlocks from the Yautja model I could model by hand without problem for sure.

Some of the new things added were modeled horns protruding here and there, more cables, nurglings toying in one of the legs… and plume of smoke, coming from an extra exhaust, asymmetrically placed. I added two bloatflies with metallic brush-hairs… (They are springy, can hold a lot of weight and were almost invisible before they were touched by the white primer)

It’s still missing the chains I intend to wrap on it, and the banners, cloths I will adorn it with… But I decided I would dwell no more… Although I could have spent years crafting detail onto it, I’ve done enough 3D modeling to know that all projects are abandoned, and nothing it’s ever truly finished. And this one got into a decent short time, to the right stage of abandonment for me to go ahead and give it the magic uniformity seal of black primer, followed by a highlight of white.

It would have been a great idea to stop and think about it first for a little bit, since I forgot to mask the transparent window atop the carapace… And the very only one little thing that I took the time to pre-paint was covered. I heard Tzeentch laughing at my improvisation. He can laugh all the way to Sol as I gaze into the hard to reach places I intend to paint next… Were he forgiving as Nurgle, this titan would have looked great on his or Slaanesh colors…

I called on the great converting expertise of Wudugast from de delicious Convert or Die to get some feedback… And he suggested I enter it into the amicable challenge/showcase run by Azazel called the Jewel of July … I’ve never partaken in such events… But I think I just might!


A little update for the day… A fresh morning and and a dried coat of primer brought up to my attention a couple of details that would need time to cure… That and an integrity check. Being kinda top-heavy and yours truly kinda clumsy… I dropped him on his back. It all held but the small shield-plate over the banner-holder. I created a new bond using hot glue… in the likely case that it happens again, eventually, it will act as a shock absorbent even more, whether it holds or not.


7 thoughts on “WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_7

    1. Cheers! I really didn’t know if this thing would be frowned upon… Townsfolk chasing it at the shout of “Action figure!” “You’re but a toy!” … Not that its not truly an abomination deserving of some cleansing fire and pitchforking…

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      1. Well, maybe *some* people would, but not on *my* page! 🙂
        It looks great to me and entirely approriate! Check out some of the other things posted in the previous challenges my others and myself and you should feel much more relaxed 🙂

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  1. Looking good dude, definitely a unique take on a titan. Can’t wait to see it painted up! Any chance of a pic with a standard mini for scale purposes in your next post please?


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