WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_8

While letting the last greenstuff retouches dry, I had some time to think, so I decided to include some original Games Workshop Knight parts after all… So I made the horizontal banner shafts using first edition Warhammer knight lances… It made it totally Tournament ready. Ready to watch a tournament by my side on Youtube that is…

As I look at that back, that organ/gut/demon’s ass on the right side looks just glued there… That’ll need more fleshy blending…

I basecoated the green patches by hand with some greys made to blend with the surrounding luminosity level… Easier said than done, I ended up using another layer of black and white spray primer on top, adding more intentional dark and light areas this time that I was working over an already based grayscale. Made me wish I had an airbrush if only for the economy of the process… My first strokes with a brush to base the greenstuff last-minute corrections already proven to me that reaching some spaces tucked away in the massive geometry are going to be a nightmare indeed.

Still waiting on that chain to arrive… I could work on the cloth part. I went with the old wine-bottle metal foil… Thought about dumping some fine-meshed real cloth on plaster or PVA. To the advantage of having it hold its shape effortlessly, I sacrifice some texture and ease of “creasing and folding”… But I think I can create holes and tears on the foil that’ll look better.

I was tempted to do the planned freehand while the foil was perfectly flat, but manipulating the pieces to look more natural eventually I’m afraid it will make the paint crackle and chip away.

As a side-note, I will not need to add “lead” to the base to not make it topple back… Once dry, I posed it with more confidence and the knees were still poseable, without stressing the fixed groins as I was afraid. So it can stand a bit taller when needed, and perfectly balanced.

After a good insight from @insidious, I’m showing a size comparison.

This is how big it is…
And this how I imagine it…

It’s time to start applying color, now… See where this takes me.


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