WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_9

Basing the panel armor… All of the sudden, painting the Great Unclean One seemed like the easy option! If size was the daunting part… this has me covered. It even has complex curves on large areas. What can go wrong?

First layer of a disgustingly resilient very spotty-end-of-a-can dark metallic green. Everywhere.
Some accents and contrast were applied with the same colors, quick-masking with a sheet of paper, and using small bursts-swipes.

It kind of worked better than I expected… considering I used spray-cans. Some speckling was expected, but those Edding were pretty on point. If I had more shades, or access to an air-brush, think I would have gone more crazy and add maybe a deep-bluish-purple as a mid area of shadow contrast… I could maybe try and glaze that in, but probably I would screw it.

So… In my mind the course of action is going to try and treat this hulking monstrosity as any other miniature. I’ll try and follow my Death Guard scheme that I have been using lately, until/unless I find some issue that doesn’t work.

First things first… I need to try some dry-brushing on this thing, but for that I might need to invest into a new brush (probably from some makeup section) soft-“ish” and big enough for what I have in mind… Artis Opus video-tutorials make it look so easy! We´ll see… I’m also tempted to use oil-colors for some effortless transitions that will take eons to dry and that I will no doubt smudge while moving from place to place. Tempting… But that is the backup for more common techniques (on this last thirty years).

A lot of base colors to lay and while I think about it.


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