WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_11

Weekends are on the slow side of the hobbie, lately… Having a family that doesn’t inhabit in the Warp, and all…

I managed to keep basing a couple of surfaces, trying to think on how will I approach the next steps in my mind as I’m doing the color-in-the-lines part…

I’m at the point where my wife can attest that I’m not destroying a perfectly good action figure, by taking it to at least a point of being covered in paint as it was “when I started defiling it”.

(One has to consider she’s freaked out by the undead, and small things with a lot of detail make her nervous. A match made in heaven. No, seriously… She’s a great beta tester for gore and Nurgle miniatures in general… When she couldn’t look at Mamon anymore, for example, I knew I was getting there.)

One could argue it even already looks a bit better! (I will.) But I know without washes, additional highlights, weathering effects… Or finishing the base-coat itself… Mr. Plague Doctor, the McFarlane-class Renegade Chaos Titan in Bootleg Pattern, is actually undergoing his ass-face stage. It will pass…

As a side note… I glued the model to a tall can, As I was saying to @Pete S/ SP on a comment to the previous post:

I need to sometimes lift it, put it on its side… I need all the axis to try and paint this thing in one piece as it is… I catched myself with the ear on the table trying to reach its feet with my brush. I ended fixing it to a tall can with hot-glue… If it falls would be deadly, but it also raises it a lot, so I don’t need to pick it up as often.

Can or not, I still managed to snap the Nurgling with the bell that was hanging from the left knee… It was straight on the trajectory of the left arm as I lowered it… I think I can pin it, and be safe, or glue it… many times… now, and in the future.


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