WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_15

I’ll try posting updates from my phone this next days…

I took some pictures before packing all my stuff for some away-from-home hobby time… Two small suitcases full to the brim, some sprues in, and the Titan safely traveling on my missus lap… She’s a keeper!

I attached the chains, did some battle-damage on the banners, painted them with typhus corrosion for some easy texturing, and a base-coat of GW Khorne red.

I ended setting the one chain I intend to place on the cannon arm in a fixed arch, using superglue.

I did some chipping test on the feet… Painted by hand, first with Typhus corrosion, faking some edge highlights with Nurgling green. Just a test… Also finished 90% of the fleshy bits with at least a base.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great- the hanging chains are a nice touch.



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    1. Cheers! My instinct was to look for it on the jewelry-making section. Got it from eBay… Could have been a tad smaller, but I managed to buy two meters of the thing for less than 3€… I expected visible wealdings, but it doesn’t have them.

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