WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_17

Did I say that I had finished basing all the flesh on my previous update…? Well, now I did! Thanks that it was my “own sculpt”! I kept finding small unpainted fleshy spots…

I then washed all of it with a magenta oil wash… Then GW Purple Wash, but forgot to spray-varnish first, and the water-based ink sunk only to the very bottom pits… Not the staining I was counting on… But first, I’ll spill some beans! While painting the base ROSE BROWN I made what I think it’s a total breakthrough!

Control-Z for acrylic paint… Say what!? Ethanol… 96° rubbing alcohol, used with a brush… cleans any dried mistakes that you might have done… while being sloppy, or a dumb spasm coming out of a hard to reach place! A layer of varnish becomes a save point of sorts, but you can keep “erasing” layers down as long as you keep going back on the place… To clean a recent splotch, it’s flawless! I went a bit further experimenting and used it to bring highlights to many panel ridges. It’s like using the turpentine on the oil layers… But it also works with acrylics! Borders can go chalky… But wetting the area with water makes the cloudy disappear, so I’m pretty sure varnish will, too.

I used that to experiment all over… It can be used to highlight or as chipping, without using chipping fluid. Maybe common knowledge on some circles… but I’m dumbfounded!


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