WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_19

So today, I checked that all the tubing was based… and had barely missed one or two. I then used alcohol with confidence to clean the inevitable (in my case) splotchy messes I had done here and there. Knowing that I can strip paint locally, and by layers (if careful) it’s amazing!

I then washed the tubes with a mix of cadmium red and burnt sienna oils, diluted on turpentine.

I then coated with a satin spray varnish, and corroborated that it does make all the cloudy white areas at the border of where I used the alcohol and the top layer, blend and disappear. Huge success!

The tubing got highlighted with drybrush of UNDERHIVE ASH, and a painted hot-spot of Vallejo ICE YELLOW, I washed the tubes again with GW agrax earthshade, and included the chains and nurglings this time. The tentacles and flesh got another shading layer done of agrax mixed with GW’s purple wash.

All the nurgly horns got based with GW’s STORMVERMIN FUR. Forgot the Nurglings’ horns!


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Nice- those washes really bring out the details.



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  2. Oil washes were a great re-discovery! Both for general washes that can be cleaned of excess, and pin-washes, to really define cuts in the geometry.


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