WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_22

Fleshy abundance… I got to work a bit more into the soft areas, adding BFTBG, and CARROBURG CRIMSON into the recesses.

The wooden post for the banners on the back, was showing some nice and naturalist gradients, so I tried to just filter it somewhat using CHESTNUT.

The stubbers under the shoulders were weathered with Vallejo gunmetal blue, and the barrel made wider with a bigger drill, this time… Added some rust too.

I gave some of the neon lime accents a shadow with GW orc flesh wash… Diluted like one to ten.

The bells on the head horns were painted with GW KHORNE RED, Copper and Bronze from Vallejo, all washed with AGRAX EARTHSHADE.

I picked out some buttons/diodes/thingys with Khorne red, too, and used TYPHUS CORROSION to start making scratches and chips, on the less textured panels.

The base… Tamiya XF-59, AGRAX wash, and drybrush of ZANDRI DUST and UNDERHIVE ASH. I then dusted it with Vallejo pigments: Burnt Umber and Light Siena. A matt varnish spray to fix it and erase 90% of that…

Oh, and after snapping once again, bell-nurgling got his butt safely stuck against the Titan’s knee.


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