WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_26

After a quick trip home for some unavoidable errands, I got the loose parts I had packed and forgot. All together now. Just missing the two bloatflies, a plume on the rigid incense burner of the arm, and the paint to go on the new parts…

Then, removing it from the can, retouch the trim of the base… some slime effects…

And questioning the banners… Should I maybe just add some shadows, highlights and leave them plain… some staining maybe…

Or attempting some freehand or scribing on them…?


7 thoughts on “WIP – 40K – Nurgle Titan Apocrypha. (the Plague Doctor) part_26

  1. Looking amazing. It’s really come so far as a centrepiece model!
    As for the banners, it depends on how confident you are/how much you enjoy freehand. They’re an effective contrast to the carapace as-is, but for me they’d be calling out for some freehand designs or paint-over-decals. But then, for me freehand is one of my favourite aspects of painting…

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    1. Thanks! Had fun doing it, and seeing progress on such scale! By far, the biggest thing I have ever painted! Being kinda scratchbuilt, gave me freedom (not messing a small fortune), a bit of uncertainty on it’s quality… But in the end, I think I both like and feel proud of what I achieved in this month with time, paint and 90% stuff that I had almost threw to the bin. And the sacrifice of a perfectly good Noxious Blightbringer! 😛


    2. Oh, on the banners… Decals are out of the question since I have none. I’m not risking much at all… (I would choose better wine to uncork this time, just to be sure) confidence it’s less of an issue on this part than anywhere else, really… My skills being mainly exuberant overconfidence balanced by an uncooperative fleshy shell, what can go wrong?
      I know I would have the most fun, free-scribbing with ink… But any contrasting color, other than a deeper red… I don’t see working… So maybe some Nurgle sigils… Or Death Guard iconography?


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