My 40K Death Guard – Nurgle soup – NobodyToPlayWith Vectorium, army update.

A little animation I made, based on the Tallyman’s Portrait by Mark Holmes. (Guessing it’s his)

Not that I know how to play, anyways… But I have been collecting and painting “as if”, lately.

Finishing the Nurgle Knight for the ongoing “Jewel of July” community challenge by Azazel, totally motivated me to get the minis out of the shelf and make them march for a group picture.

It… stands out. Another thing that I’m happy doesn’t look ridiculous it’s my newly re-painted old pewter model of Typhus the Traveller, Herald of Nurgle and Host of the Destroyer Hive… in fully Squat proportions, once placed on a huge rock, and with over-the-top plumes coming out of his back exhausts… kind of sizes himself alright surrounded by the “Primaris-sized” Poxwalwerks.

After some recent presents and acquisitions, I finally have something that can be called a “small pile” of “grey shame”… Hesitant to call it that, yet! I only see prospect of hobby-time, still… They haven’t been sitting long enough to have accumulated any shame at all, really.

The Death Guard side of Dark Imperium, 6 Nurgle Toads, 1 Blight Hauler, Lord Felthius and his Tainted Cohort, Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle and and extra box of Plaguebearers.

As if I didn’t have enough for a year, here… I’m still waiting for a couple more things. Getting into shameful territory now! Three of the easy to build Death Guard marines, and a creature to use as a Spawn of Nurgle… (I think), an abomination called “The Wet Nurse” not from Games Workshop… totally, clearly, not from Games Workshop.

And since the economical climate is what is… to help justify all this well spent dough, I need to try and make some money out some things I have accumulated over the years, and that if they will hardly support it, at least might alleviate it. So I’m going to part with my Star Wars action figures collection, and some painted miniatures, if the other part allows me to reach international market (need to have 10 successful local sells on eBay for that, apparently)

And one of the things I have been thinking on listing was the Plague Doctor kitbashed Knight… Yeah… Why would I? I wanted to keep my Death Guard! But then, it seemed to have a good “value-price-work” potential… So to get over the attachment I got myself (cheaper than originally) the two ugly McFarlane robot action figures that I used for the base of it!

I have some irreplaceable bits missing… But then, if I do it again, I wouldn’t want it to be a carbon-copy, anyways (just for the fun of it, it’s bound to be different) Maybe better… Then I might want to keep the two of them? I’m doomed!


4 thoughts on “My 40K Death Guard – Nurgle soup – NobodyToPlayWith Vectorium, army update.

    1. Thanks! Begun converting the “malignant plaguecaster” (the dude blowing a spell), and constructed the “noxious blightbringer” (the dude with the bell)… So might add the “Lord of Contagion” (huge dude with huge axe) and start by those…


    1. Thanks a lot! I made a bunch of those a couple of months ago, covering most factions:

      It does make me sad, selling it… (I hear Monty Python’s “every sperm is sacred” song when I think about it) but money is short… I got the parts to put another one together dirty cheap, tho… Might list an unpainted one, and cling to it. Or maybe just selling the Star Wars toys get me out of the rough patch. (Hopefully Disney didn’t kill the franchise in everyone’s heart as it did in mine)


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