40K – Nurgle Demons – Plaguebearers.

This was fun! I might have struck a happy chord by painting a bunch of miniatures in batch.. Could be called “speed-paint”, maybe… But I just didn’t second-guess myself and didn’t edge-highlight, since I didn’t thought it was necessary for this guys. Other than painting twenty at a time, I think I would have gone ahead exactly the same had I been painting one at a time… But in such number, I got a great feeling of accomplishment. Con about it… At this rate, no way my pile of grey (and green) plastic is going to last for as long as I had thought.

Primed black, zenithal highlight of white and spray-based with leaf green and lime zenithal. I then drybrushed with greenish gray, and a pale blue on the faces and hands on top. Horns in STORMVERMIN FUR, and then drybrushed ZAMESI DESERT and Bone at the tip. The wounds got based with Beige Red and shaded with GW Purple Wash, with a layer of BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD on the entrails. Blisters with Sunburst Yellow, CARROBURG Crimson on the open ones and along the spines. Weapons in plain GUNMETAL Gray. I shaded all with black oil-paint and cleaned the excess next day. Fixed with varnish, and painted the eyes with Fluor Green. The metallic green of the swords was achieved by using a lime Edding brush-marker over. Missing some special effects that I intend to apply like slime and such… But in three short sessions? I’m really happy with the results.


8 thoughts on “40K – Nurgle Demons – Plaguebearers.

    1. Nurgle is forgiving! But those daemonettes of Slaanesh might have their own appeal, too… In a sexy twisted way. This guys needed a lot of greensfuffin’ in both their shoulders and back of the head, (then realized the rib area had a huge seam, too) but loved the variety of heads and torsos. What you did with them was next level, though! (Edit) They were poxwalkers, but still!

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      1. Thank you! 🙂 Good work covering up those seams, they can be a bit of a faff can’t they? I did tackle a bunch of plaguebearers waaay back in the early days of my blog (December 2013 I think?). I did a bunch of bloodletters at the same time and planned to do some daemonettes too but I’ve yet to touch them which is a shame because I do really like those Slaaneshi ladies (in fact I like all the lesser daemons apart from the pink horrors – I just can’t find it in me to like those things). You’ve reminded me of how much I like Slaanesh though (and that new AoS Slaanesh lord that GW previewed at the weekend looks sweeeet!) so who knows, I might just go and dig them out of the unpainted pile. Think you’ll be tackling any daemonettes yourself?


      2. You know… If I had to choose a project next, Slaanesh would be calling for sure! The biomechanical, sexy, dark… Mixed with a healthy dose of lovecraftian seafood sounds very attractive to me!
        Thematically in that realm, I find GW’s stuff is a bit soft… But a proxy/converted army from the likes of Crature Caster or Kingdom Death miniatures would be something…

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