40k/AoS – Skaveiathrax – Great Unclean One – Greater Demon. Part-1

Am I ready to tackle Papa G’aap? Only one way to know… Let’s go for it, and I’ll try and make justice to this wonderfully detailed, and putridly expensive baby-head-sized abomination of a sculpture… miniature… toy soldier thing, of sorts.

In my mind, Nurgle and Death Guard have always been one and the same army… “some say apparently”, that for what the rules are concerned, they are different armies and the demonic side would more comfortably fight along Slaanesh creations than Mortarion’s Sons… Right! Well, as if the past couple of editions had met the Lord of Decay, and were gone to dust, (as they might as well with the dawn of 9th.) I’ll just go ahead and ignore that for my collecting purposes…

I had him/her…it? … zenithal primed for ages, now. Comfortable by now using the spray-can I went ahead and guetto-airbrushed with all the three non-metallic greens, plus black and white Vallejo primers at my reach to create a base with an interesting variation and rich saturation. Two of them are acrylic, the darker green it’s an enamel and the primers I guess sit in between… I mixed them all with little regard to that. The finish was all over the place in shine/albedo but anyways it got all equalized with a gloss varnish layer, getting it ready to set for some hours to get to the next stage.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great start to the model.



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    1. Thanks! Tentacles crossed…

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