40k/AoS – Skaveiathrax – Great Unclean One – Greater Demon. Part-5

More layers of drybrush applied, Vallejo LIGHT SEA GRAY, and in the horns, GW’s ZANDRI DUST and UNDERHIVE ASH. Based the eye with YELLOW GREEN and the bilesword with BRONCE, quite stippled, to keep some of that green undertone.

I added two stripes of foil from a wine bottle to create an extension of the sword’s gard knot, distressed with the hobby knife and given a layer of TYPHUS CORROSION and then KHORNE RED, that was also used as a wash on the inside of the mouth and part of the tongue.

Based the Nurgling with… NURGLING GREEN, and kept adding ICE YELLOW as a wash to the exposed fat.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Really liking it so far.



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