40k/AoS – Skaveiathrax – Great Unclean One – Greater Demon. Part-7

Before sealing the oil layer with some varnish, so I can keep adding acrylics, there are a bunch of AK Interactive enamel effects and washes I want to still lay, but for what I have in mind, I need the base in it’s place so that said effects get integrated… So I channeled the craziest Meck-Boy in me and soldered the orkiest LED rig ever for what I had in mind. I modelled a rised plateau with epoxy resin, textured clay, glue and textured paint… And right when you wouldn’t mind it, it didn’t crack at all…

I poured hot glue in layers as fast as I could, while keeping it structured and after reaching the size I approximately needed, stuck Mr. Unclean into it, pushing firmly to dislodge the upper part of the goo and having it seem to flow upwards.

To paint it, I used lightbulb laquer, mixing yellow and purple for the right “hyper-transparent Nurgle-rot hue”… AKA… snot.


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Loving that base.



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    1. Cheers to you! I’ll reserve the candy of seeing it lit and colored for the finished reveal… It’s… It’s kind of cool if I may!

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  2. Kuribo says:

    What a novel and disgusting idea for a base! 🙂 It always amazes me how fans of Nurgle are able to paint things that are repulsive in real life in a realistic way. Thanks for the follow and I look forward to seeing more progress on this big guy!

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    1. Glad you stepped by, too! Nurgle welcomes everyone merrily to His Garden! Sooner or later… Muahaha… 😛 (Keeping it weird not to disappoint)
      Today’s update it’s going to be all about bodily fluids… So I shouldn’t be even trying…

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      1. Kuribo says:

        Haha, all the Chaos gods are a bit weird and I wouldn’t expect any less for as long as you’re working on Nurgle minis 🙂


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