40k/AoS – Skaveiathrax – Great Unclean One – Greater Demon. Part-8

Today was juicy… I finished the oil layer with some weathering effect enamels from the AK Interactive range that I recently acquired, as ooze going down the damaged areas… not quite blood, since in my my mind, it has been a long time since this fellow’s heart pumped… if ever…

I used Track Wash, Engine Grime and Engine Oil from the range, but they weren’t as effective as I was hoping, and the final touch was achieved with Vallejo´s Smoke and Black Glaze, after a good gloss varnish spray layer, so that the acrylics wouldn’t run over the oil.

Then I went with a little “cosmetic effect” of an eye hanging out of his slid socket, by using pink and blue wool strings, glued to a transparent ball out of a silica gel dehumidifier baggie.

I went a bit crazy with the slime/transparent contact glue… But I wanted to make four (initially five) distinctive fluids out of the same thing, so there had to be some superposition to be colored later: Mucus, blood, vomit, feces (and intended saliva)

I used the Black Glaze for the vomit, with some pure black here and there, Transparent red for the blood, (BFTBG) over a Carroburg Crimson wash for the nerves of the eye, that got painted in Yellow Green as the other, but with a black slit pupil… to make it more readable, really… but… it’s messy. The mucus was painted with the technical Nurgle Rot, and the feces with XV-88 (that must be some baby-poop colored planet out of the lore, or something)


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