Finished! – 40k/AoS – Skaveiathrax – Great Unclean One – Nurgle Greater Demon. Part-9

7 thoughts on “Finished! – 40k/AoS – Skaveiathrax – Great Unclean One – Nurgle Greater Demon. Part-9

  1. That is superb! I’m not such a fan of the base, or at least of the photos of the base as I think that the pictures may blur the lighting effect slightly. But the rest of the miniature is really wonderful. I also love that you ‘share the journey’ with us at home by providing WIP posts as you work on these big projects.

    Well done; Grandfather Nurgle will be very pleased indeed.

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    1. Thanks! Taking pictures has never been into my realm of interest… But it becomes pretty important if you want to showcase your work! In person I’d like if there was more shine in there, and I sure appreciate the feedback! We’re all very nice (as it should be) but being alone doing this, ones misses often the sincere voice that gives a reality check, and says… “This and this maybe look good, but this other, you botched…”


  2. Filthy, foul, and disgusting are a few words that come to mind! 🙂 Really nice job on this big model. It can really take some time to finish a project like this and you should be proud of the final results!


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