Oldhammer stash!

In the attic of my parents home, I found a shoebox full of my old collection of miniatures. They ended there when they moved this year, so there are a couple of not so old minis that I was missing and ended up in there… I mean, they must have been collecting dust for barely a decade. But also found in there the very first miniatures I ever had… dating more like three decades, with my first “paint-jobs” of just a couple of years later, when the White Dwarf magazine started hitting the shelves, bought the first five issues, and then subscribed for long years after… to issue hundred and a lot.

But my introduction had been through the board games Heroquest, first, and then Cruzada Estelar (Space Crusade).

That Marauder Orc shaman riding a Wyvern… Following strict Eavy Metal palette! lol. It was the jewel of my bookcase for many years! I remember I made a short TV appearance showcasing it, at the tender age of twelve, for a kids show called Xabarín Club (still ongoing) The thing costed at least 20£!

You could then swap the cardboard flat wyvern that came with the game box! But I didn’t got to play… I tried to go for orcs, another friend undead, and my best buddy, elves… We couldn’t manage (afford) a playable army by any stretch of the imagination… Although years later I got to play with those Van Saar and the old Necromunda game!

But painting minis I like has been a pleasure that stuck with me since all those years ago, with loooong ass pauses from outbreak to outbreak… A story that if you are reading this it’s most likely familiar to some degree.


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  1. Azazel says:

    That’s awesome! I had a good look, and I actually have every one of those models in my collection here as well. The only difference is that I’ve only got a total of seven (7!) of them actually painted in all this time – so you win by a landslide! 😀

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    1. Lol! Well, at this point, that and my Death Guard / Nurgle soup are my whole collection! Plus a small box of bits and the demonic reinforcements I’m about to tackle… So… Your landslide actually just obliterated my snowball.😂

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  2. Skarloc73 says:

    What a nice surprise find! The story of your hobby beginnings sounds veeery much like my own 🙂

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    1. 😂Who would have thought!?

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  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great post- brrought back some nostalgia for me.



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  4. Kuribo says:

    What an awesome find! You’re lucky to have all of those treasures from the past. Almost all of the models I bought and painted when I was a youth are long gone now, for example.

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  5. I’ve lost way more than I kept… Such is life. I had an Eldari Epic 40k army that was lost by mail that I still have dreams about!


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