40K – T’au Empire – Fire Cast – dudes and a suit…

Mixing things up… And more to come! I might have inadvertently slipped into full pile of shame territory… In short, trying to get a friend back into the hobby, I might have gone overboard and got an Indomitus box… He answered back in kind and got a bunch of Infinity miniatures!!

While he was peeling away the rust of his painting skills with a Mordheim elf, I took a bunch of Tau that had based a long time ago… when they came out, actually, in gold and blue. Gave them a new priming and went to town with them… Trying kinda new (for me) stuff, like some glazing and edge-highlights… Some OSL, even… that looked alright at one stage, but I covered mostly by not leaving that to the end. In short, not using drybrush at all. Not happy with the chipping, but the overall saturation that I wanted is there…

Used enamels, oils, acrylics and pigments… And it was totally unproductive way of painting things! In the same time I painted this guys I could have had painted twenty or more, I’m pretty sure… If they are going to be all the same, don’t paint four… paint a hundred!

Surprisingly my wife said they are the most boring and uninspired thing she saw in a long time, and that I better stick to Nurgle… Not that she’s wrong, but after this short time of me being back in the hobby, the pox might have gotten to her surprisingly quick!


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    I like those- the colour isa great choice- suggests an aquatic world to me.



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    1. Thanks! As I was painting them, it occurred to me that the blue represented their sky, the browns the soil, and touches of “white” as the clouds… This guys love their planet.

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  2. Wudugast says:

    Looking good and I agree with Pete, the colour scheme suggests an aquatic sept world, which suits the Tau nicely.

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    1. Thanks! I had tried similar on the Eldari… using metallics… Going back and forth in my mind, if I should try it on some space Marines… I’m between this teal scheme, military greens or Dark Angels (canon) for the Indomitus dudes…


  3. Like Pete said. Very nice and aqua-ish.

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