Chasing a scheme for pile of grey shame… Part 1. Smurfs.

Long time… But I’ve been getting dirty. Got a bunch (for my low output) of stuff to share!

Situation… On top of a bunch of Nurgle Demons, Death Guard and some Infinity models pending, I shared with a friend a box of Indomitus. I got the marine side… And as much as they were my gateway into the hobby, the loyalist Imperial Astartes aka Space Marines, I don’t feel I’ve ever nailed… I got some painted years ago, and tried some canon Dark Angels from de DV box six years ago… to an underwhelming result.

So accepting this guys need to be somewhat of a clean job to meet my own expectations, but keeping it grimdark… kinda, sorta, I decided to test some techniques and colors to decide how I would tackle those huge new Primaris models… I suppose they might be somewhat easier, bein as they are, Ogre sized…?

Not a fan of any “official” Chapter… Thought about it though, because in case I need it, and since they are not going to be crazy custom conversions (methinks) they could eventually have more resell value if I kept it canon… But what I really wanted was a color scheme that appealed to me, and I could achieve… and that looked good on those sci-fi toy soldiers! And having two armies painted to eventually play at home would be really cool… So I intend to paint them all, and with luck, have my friend paint his Necron side, too… Once Plague Restrictions ease so we can paint together again.

So my first instinct was blue… So kind of Ultramarines was the idea. I grabbed two Veterans and two clearly Dark Angel characters from the Dark Vengeance set and went all oil-paint on those transitions… highlighting and details with acrylics, with enamel effects on top. A lot of work and it kind of gives a teal vibe that it’s certainly not Ultramarine… They look more Alpha Legion than anything! And I hated painting that gold… and it doesn’t even look good. But I got a fondness for intentional transitions that I think it moved me forward! They don’t even show on the final result, but at a certain point the looked very crisp!


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