Chasing a cool scheme… Part 2. Black Templar.

So chasing another color that would look good, and even be canon, I stumbled upon the Black Templar chapter… I could get away with no gold, and black with white accents… some red accents fitting! But painting black was as they say… hard… or more job than it’s worth. I tried NMM kind of for the first time, here… And although an oil-wash completely screwed the face as it looks in the end, it did look great at one time, and learnt a lot there, too. The end result it’s pretty dark, and at the time, I think my best painted miniature… and that’s a healthy trend I’d like to keep up!

The WIP face I should have kept…


3 thoughts on “Chasing a cool scheme… Part 2. Black Templar.

  1. Thanks! I like to remember him as he was… the finished stage (the pictures above) look to me way worse than the intermediate stage of the last picture down there… But he taught me good lessons! That I’m not ready to pull off a smooth NMM black armor being the first of them!

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