Chasing a scheme… Blood Angel Veteran. Part 3

Now I was cooking with fire! I had starting to get comfortable with glazing and got a better grasp of what oil-washes could go on top of what… And red was way easier to work with, and not loose track of saturation and contrast than black. I tried NMM with some true metalic accents, and realized gold could be alright, after all…

My last and best! But… I wasn’t yet convinced… I think I don’t like Blood Angels. I like the red, alright… But the lore I find pretty lame, with the whole in-your-face vampire angels vibe they got.



2 thoughts on “Chasing a scheme… Blood Angel Veteran. Part 3

  1. Nice work! I like what you’ve done with this guy and he came out well. I’m more partial to the Flesh Tearers myself, though I do intend to have a small force of actual Blood Angels on the side to ally/integrate with them (mostly for some of the characters and a bit of painting variation in the force).

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