Kingdom Death – Wet Nurse’s captive pregnant women…

I… I really don’t think this is what the spirit of “Fembruary” is about… like at all… Not made better by the fact that this is intended as an objective token! This might rather be objectification at its finest, I’m afraid… The line is in fact famous by their scantly clothed heroines and foes. But with that appealing if questionable taste of theirs, they also dabble in some great body-horror abominations of a more mature nature than anything, say… Games Workshop would ever dream to produce… Slaanesh or not. And within reason, I guess, in this trying times of double standards that would make an Inquisitor question his path in life, I painted… this… composition… of… Well damsels in distress… Captive, naked… and to make matters worse, used to be impregnated and their offspring taken by some demonic abomination… with an after-mouth of tentacle Hentai. Just wrong. But at the same time… Who wouldn’t face danger to rescue such delicate and wronged ladies!? Who wouldn’t admit to put more attention than usual to the curves, slopes and volumes than you would to other models…? Guilty or not, the pleasure of painting them was short lived… They got painted way faster than the paint on them took to dry, and it took about two hours to finish them.


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