The Others – Envy Controller

For Fembruary, this is more like it! And yes, I’m painting anything I have prepped instead of attacking that pile of Indomitus sprues… But also as a wonderful excuse, (not that one is needed, painting something its an achievement by my book) but still, I needed to test out those GW Contrast paints I got… Just five, for the the price of a kidney. And once tested, not all that great… It’s a nice way to get a height value adjusted base-coat in one stroke… But they only work as intended over a white or very clear base, and the ones I tried don’t work well over a zenithal highlight, but they are very nice color filters, like the old GW Inks, but with a more gel-like medium. I painted with them the base of the skin tone (Guilliman Flesh), the mucky green (Plaguebearer Flesh) and the dress (Shyish Purple) they all needed other conventional layer or base paints on top, to convince me… But the result was indeed “contrasty”… Without using those I’m certain my saturation would have fallen along the way, so while I’m not running to get any more of those anytime soon, they will find a place on my palette.

The Others, Seven Deadly Sins game, published expansions for each of the sins, this Controller character came from the Greed box, and I got it, with three of its titular demons, one controller and a Lust demon, plus three small Greed demons for like 15€ out of ebay… And it was not won through snipping the bet, but that was actually the “Get it now” price… so wow, just had to! Plus they kind of answer the question for me of; “What would a Nurgle possessed Tyranid look like?”

Nope… Just realized those “nid” demons are actually from the Lust expansion… like WTF?! Definitely a dice-roll decided what sin each sculpt pertained to…


2 thoughts on “The Others – Envy Controller

    1. Thanks! They can be found at good value, too! They are of a soft plastic that doesn’t seem very friendly for conversions and moldlines need work, but the sculpts have great texture… Considering…
      The UV trick, other than having a light to show it, is just using any of the Vallejo colors with FLUOR as sufix in its name… In this “abominations” I mixed a blob of Yellow Fluor with contact glue and dabbed it with a stick… The slime it’s exactly the same without paint mixed.


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