The Others – Lust Controller

This little guy was an unexpected pleasure to paint and finish… As herald of the Lust Sin, I really don’t know what they were going for, but as a nightmarish heretic leader that looks right out of an illustration of Möebius, full of narrative details, I think this might be my favorite (non-creature) of the line… Although Glutony’s Controller for what I’ve seen, look pretty neat, too. But I can totally picture this fellow and squid-baby as head of a merry group of cultists, totally at home in the 41st. millennium, or else… I went with the colors that spoke to me about who he was… with a mix of religious, military and industrial gear, turns out, most other examples I’ve seen of the miniature since I’ve locked the palette, looked very similar! I painted without any reference, but I guess the choice was obvious…

One thing that helped me by looking at other people´s rendition was making the head of the infant be covered by a metal dome, instead of my first instinct of a mushroom-head full of eyes… Better left to the imagination! I think I’ll add some slime to those tentacles, that the Controller character could be wiping with that fancy rug…


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