Mentors Chapter – Indomitus Primaris Captain. Heads will roll!

I tried spending more time than usual on this miniature… And having little time (and even less ahead due to work) I feel like I’ve outdone myself, just by giving myself the time, the tests and the appropriate setting up of corners to be cut… In the end I’ve started working on him just three days before completing it. (Or abandoning him) But overall I’m very happy with the outcome! My last, once again, by best… I think? Yeah… Pretty sure! The concept was not originally mine… I think I’ve seen the same conversion using the Dark Angel captain’s head from the Dark Vengeance boxset o couple of times while looking for inspiration… Unfortunately the one I had with me was attached to the body of his original owner…

The paint was still curing from a couple of weeks ago when I finally painted him, as a test for this very project of going through the Imperial side of the box… (Literally, considering those blues base gradients were oil-paint!) Using a quick wash with Ethanol and a toothbrush took care of it… Primer seems a tougher cookie, but I can live with pure primer! Anything else, acrylic, lacquer, enamel and oil-paint got washed right away. I thought I could make a stamp/mold out of epoxy, to stamp/mold some greenstuff to get me a Primaris look on the original helmet… Well, not that easy… There might be a way involving leaving the greenstuff to cure for some time before applying the cast… Waiting for stuff to dry is not my strong point, but I do know how to use a knife, so it was plan-B-time! I didn’t manage things to line up right with just cutting… So it was time to get deeper into greenstuff by modelling a new curve into the snout to join the two parts. I had no other option than to leave the final touches for the next day… I will just use cheap two-part epoxy, next time, like the one I used on the mold-attempt… The plumbing one I had before and used on the Nurgle Knight was kind of grainy… but this cheap one seems great!

The arms were always intended to be magnetized… But testing the Volkite from the lieutenant made me want to have the head able to turn… Three N52 neodymium magnets so close together makes the third to get to the party really hard to line up exactly where you want it. But Superglue > Magnet. Now I want an un-helmeted version, too… but to begin, the lieutenant got his detached and a magnet applied to his neck, too. Having things magnetized really helped keeping things organized and accessible… but quick to snap together for a global vision. Plus, posability and gear options!

The painting was followed as per my previous experiments… Refinning the steps a bit more, paying better attention to a smooth base layer with the basic transitions, but leaving the last highlight for after the oil-wash and enamel bath.

The mauled Necron at his base was another experiment…. Painted with just five rattle can passes and a quick silver dry-brush. Some weathering and a hint of OSL from the sword as finishing touch… Which was another happy deviation; instead of using spray, I started with blue ink over the zenithal and worked the edge with very controlled dry-brush… Some freehand energy lightning as final touch. The checker pattern of the bisageau it’s a transfer cut to fit.

Next… try to put the hobby on hold and finish that work… Precisely when I’m on a roll! I shall find solace in knowing that the next step would involve prepping.


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