Mentors Chapter – 40K Indomitus – Primaris Chaplain/Judiciar/ + DV Librarian option.

Why the “plus”? Well because this were two new full miniatures painted, plus from a Librarian, a head and arms from a Dark Vengeance set of Dark Angels.

So first… the default configuration:

I’ve made .setting my mind up for a conversion impossible, and thankfully unnecessary, thanks to magnetizing every arm and head of the set! Each model I finish does something math to the possible combinations, making the pile of limbs greater than the sum of its parts… Or something… With some substractive and adding edits, they can all be made to detach at the same places…

So I could hypothetically field:

So while my idea was to leave this models vanilla and not doing too much conversion on them…never mind that!

The side-project on top of my usual work is coming along… So although it took me a long time to post this update, the painting on this guys was slightly less involved than the one on the Captain… which suits just fine being my current hero-level skill!

Next is that Ancient dude taking grandpa to battle… Already zenithal primed and magnetized… couldn’t help to take some shots of some of my favorite combinations with the whole “command group” (?) Is that even a thing, now?


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  1. Very nicely done indeed and I love those group shots. 🙂


  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those are great- the beard works really well.



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    1. Thanks! I had tried it on a cultist, and the Great Unclean one, but this one, instantly became my favorite head of the lot. I’m not a fan of most sculpted hair or cloth… (it kind of breaks the immersion, usually being a dead giveaway of real scale…) But this cotton method… It really bridges that gap… I’m making all of them bearded! Although I might create a new problem with immersion, thinking about how they can put their helmets on! I might need to ask a Space Wolf player…

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  3. Kuribo says:

    That is a good looking group and I like the flexibility they offer in game too. That seems like a must have in Warhammer 40k to me so you have tactical options 🙂

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    1. Thanks! That’s the “roleplay” argument I gave myself to do it… But really kept at it for the posing and insta-conversion feeling.

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