Mentor Chapter – Bladeguard and Ancient – Indomitus Primaris.

Not much new to add… They are on an itty bitsy lower standard than my previous “character bits”… in that I’ve cut even more corners! They are borderline too clean, due to having less highlight passes than the previous ones… And straight up laziness keeping me from doing again that freehand falcon-head on their shoulder-pads and the heraldry/or whatever on their bisageaus, So they are screaming to me that they need maybe some sponging of dark-brown chipping… some scratches… something else! But overall I’m super-happy with how the box is coming out!

Monkey paw hand is going into my reserve pieces… As display choices so far, the Bladeguard Ancient’s body it’s either a regular Bladeguard Veteran or the Judiciar. De banner looks very cool on the Captain’s body, demoted to standard bearer… To keep it “what you see is what you get”, he goes into de Lieutenant’s body… Judiciar turned into Librarian and a (now bearded) Chaplain, seems pretty cool as he is default. Next… some Eradicators!


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