Eradicator Squad – 40K Indomitus Primaris -Mentors Chapter

Heavy reinforcements! Larger and not as iconic as the decades and decades old’ Terminators, if I were to choose a space-marine design to cosplay, this would be it… Basically because a real human figure would seem to fit inside one of this, without having to fake every articulation point… They somewhat make me think of a cinematic version of an Astartes more than any other of the recent redesigns, in that they (GW), in my opinion, chose to exaggerate the right and defining attributes that make the franchise’s poster-boys iconic.

This three came out fast! But convinced me that once finished, I’ll make a “chipping pass” to the force… This dudes need more grimdak in them! But missing that, this is as streamlined as the scheme can be, Base, oil-wash and final highlights… then basing and some pigment-brushing on feet and sand, to tie it up. Looking at the images, now, I realize I forgot the lettering on the sad, single, “Imperial Warranty Tag” on them, before calling it finished…

I would normally go for cotton or steel-wool effect on this kind of things’ barrel end… but they are “melta rifles“… and of all things 40K, melta-weapons, I have the hardest time picturing! Are they flamers? Are they plasma? Microwave? Or just an over-compensating blow-torch? The later being the one that fits better in my imagination… but then, they are supposed to work at long ranges and that breaks me. So, to me, they are short-range flamers of higher power… Change my mind!

Some WIP…

Elite Quadra Veteran Grandpa combination, and a group picture of the Indomitus boxset so far, plus the five terminators from Dark Vengeance.


10 thoughts on “Eradicator Squad – 40K Indomitus Primaris -Mentors Chapter

  1. These guys are looking really great! I’m keen to get back to my Mentors again myself after a couple of months’ break, and seeing your progress on your own army helps me as well since your posts keep them in my own mind!

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    1. Well… They are a straight spiritual successor splinter of your own chapter! I would have never find out about them, were it not for your showcase… I would have more than likely just run with Dark Angels or some other “out of the mill” pattern. But instead, this highly experimental, secretive, good-guys, have me hooked! So thanks to you! All the more pleasant to know if I can feed back some of that inspiration… or reminder, at you!

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      1. Hahah thanks mate and welcome as well. Earlier today I was thinking about the First Strike boxes I have sitting on a bench and what to do with the Reivers, and thought of using a modified scheme for them as part of my Mentor Legion force that looks a bit more like yours then my existing models – greyed-down white for the armour, and less bright on the green for their scout-stealth role (though skulls will still stand out because terror troops!)
        …just have to finish the 3 WIP-Squads from ages ago first! :O

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      1. …either gunk or require lots of layers. I settled on “Natural Steel” from Vallejo, and “Retributor Armor” for the gold. That last really surprised me… In the old times, Citadel metallics were very crappy compared to the alternatives, but they improved the formula immensely!


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