Indomitus Agressors – 40K – Mentor Chapter

This was the biggest group of the box I had to tackle… Left almost for last! They could be argued the most uninteresting of the bunch… Not helped by the fact that they come as a set of five different models repeated twice. Well not after some knife and magnets were applied… They are posable, now, and as such the repetition has become imperceivable. They have very dynamic poses on their main body, all launching forward, and all… They provide pretty interesting combinations with the more exotic equipment of the previous Indomitus miniatures I have already magnetized and finished…

The sergeant’s head provided had a great facial expression, but also a mohawk and some robocop-style chin armor that didn’t quite did it for me; as the wise, tech-savvy, reborn and ancient image of this fellows that I was shaping in my imagination… So I changed it for one out of the “first-born” pile. He looks too relaxed, though, so the one he’ll finally wear is the one from the Chaplain. Other than that, I separated and magnetized from the leg-guard of the sergeant and his twin the hanging chainsword and helmet… Those kinds of clearly separated pieces can be an extra level of exchangeable gear down the line. Coming from the sprue I did the same for the extra pair, but they remain unpainted.



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