Indomitus Primaris – Mentors Chapter – Outriders

Last unit of the boxset got finished! I was kind of saving them for last, as they seemed the more interesting of the bunch, without being full of intricate details… But they were quite a pain to get to the recessed surfaces. Not an easy way to attack them in subassemblies either, other than the astartes torsos and arms… It has a very nineties design of two halves, leaving a terrible gap in the middle of the fuselage, where it’s the most obvious… And it’s hard to imagine enough clearance with such low profile for them to be “outriding” anywhere, really… I would also invert the placement of the guns and the lights, and create a better angle on the chassis. So other than reminding me to Judge Dredd’s iconic bike, the design on this things it’s kind of a miss… But once finished, and without paying much attention to all that feasibility nonsense… they look kind of cool!

I made a change on the way I painted the armor of this dudes, compared to the rest of the force… I was not able to keep it neat enough for the (unfixable if splotched) base layer of transparent white over black rattle-cans… The finished result came out more yellowy and less contrasted than the others… clearly missing the deep shadow. Considering how awkward it was to reach, I didn’t feel like manually glazing the needed black, so instead I painted them full offwhite, and trusted the brownish wash, black pin-wash and white highlights to make it passable… Overall… meh!

For this ones I actually got to apply a “damage and distress” pass… But in exchange I just realized I forgot to paint the lights and screen with a bit of OSL as I had planned. And the dude without helmet needs a beard!

The flat panels are kind of crying to have some decals or freehand heraldic on them… But the ones provided are too much chapter-specific for them to fit, and I wasn’t kin on free-handing anything on both sides, and repeat it another two times… sooo… Dust-trails!


Next… I got me some FOMO box, again! But while it arrives… I might have to diversify out of 40K and tackle something different… Or… Got some Nurgle left, maybe… well, actually A LOT of it. Both Death Guard and Daemons, but I’m not feeling all that inspired by them at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Indomitus Primaris – Mentors Chapter – Outriders

  1. It’s been great to watch this chapter come together. I can definitely see them standing out as a sort of “elite” group in the army you’ve put together so far, color-wise. Awesome work!

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