New Beginnings – 40K – Sisters of Battle – Adepta Sororitas Army – WIP_Part 1.

So here to show the main reason of my stringent economical predicament… Well, being laid off didn’t help, but this was definitely salt to the wound! But it was already done, and this will for certain entertain me for a long while, as much as keep my mind in a happy place… So not much remorse… yet.

I kind of like “work in progress” where actually show the final thing… But I felt pushed to start showing it, or the task might pile up or even be skipped!

I decided to start by the first to arrive, that nice squad of Seraphim / or Zephyrim, depending on the chosen configuration. Well, that first choice was easy… I was going to have both. Because magnets!

To help with that, I had a lot of extra time for prepping this five ladies (to what I would usually allow myself) given that the weather was awful for the whole week, making the idea of priming the readied miniatures… well, a bad one! I want to achieve new heights with this project, and starting by a grainy, textured priming surface was not on the schedule.

With what I’ve taken out of finishing that Indomitus Primaris side, I was convinced magnetizing them was a great idea… To be convinced of it, was the first “in my face” choice of building that Squad of “flying nuns” as either gun-wielding Seraphim, the more elite sword-wielding Zephyrim… or, (considering playing an actual game of 40K, after all this years, remains being wishful thinking and more of a one-player role-playing exercise than anything else,) maybe just build what I thought looked better without regard to ever-changing rules for a game I don’t really play.

Well… No need to compromise. The initial idea is to paint every part available, and magnetize it as options I can choose to mount. And that is the plan! Where possible I will be making three different setups following three simple principles:

Order of the Cheap Dandelion: Following the rules (I know of) the least costly of the configurations I can build. The most basic gear I can field on the sisters. Chainsword for the Superior, and bolter-guns for everyone!

Sisterhood of the Saffron Chalice: The elite option! By the booklet, what seems like the most expensive, (And one would think the better) within the rules… Zephyrim with Inferno pistols

Daughters of the Holy Spectacle: Pure rule of cool! Flames showing, and whatever sticks and looks good!

For that last option (the one most likely to sit on my shelf) I intend to add flame effects to the Hand-flamers, and I cleaned the forehead of the screaming, angry head of the Inquisition motif it came with, getting it ready to eventually sculpt/stylize a mane of real hair in there… We’ll see.

With the plan ready, and everything magnetized, clean of moldlines… and some gap-filling, I moved to drilling every barrel and side-vent of their weapons. But the weather wasn’t clearing. So… Time to test if priming isn’t really all that needed… at least not using some type of pressurized medium to achieve it! So I decided I was going back to early days and starting straight with a brush over naked plastic.

And I must say… After five or six layers of thinned down cold white, and as far as you don’t touch anything, the finish of the painted base is way better than what can be achieved with a rattle-can in the best day of August… Meaning, the texture (or lack thereof) and fully retained detail seems better than anything I did before (mind you, I don’t have an airbrush to compare) So after two or three more coats, and maybe letting it fully cure for a whole day, I’m thinking a coat of matt varnish will allow me to actually handle them without every edge pealing off. (You might see where I’m going) It worked… in some regards better than I had expected, but as soon as I can get my hands on some GW white primer and the weather allows it, I don’t think I’ll be doing this again anytime soon!


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings – 40K – Sisters of Battle – Adepta Sororitas Army – WIP_Part 1.

  1. Very nice starter set! That’s a good variety of units and an iconic-looking HQ in that box there. The Drukhari stuff also isn’t too shabby – think you’ll be painting any of that up as well?

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