A bad hobby moon… – 40K SOB – WIP Part_2

Great acronym, GW. Well… Not everything can be a tale of progress and success, I guess. It was a day of cussing a lot and making huge mistakes followed by bad decisions. I continued basing the five sisters with brush… let them cure for a night, and decided to apply a first wash o oil-paints to set my lines and start to build contrast.

It was a nice white base while it lasted…

And although the paint seemed fine, since I was going to rub a lot of excess wash, I decided to give the paint a coat of varnish to protect it… well… I went with the wrong one. It was supposed to be both matt and acrylic… it reacted like none of those things. It mixed with the turpentine gunking the recesses with crackled varnish.

I was worse than it looks… seems pretty smooth-surfaced here. It wasn’t.

To make things worse, the blue color I have, somehow turns to green just by looking at it, and when I just used black to mix the color, once applied, it still somehow looked green. I still tried to clean the excess, re-activating and cleaning with a dump brush… it came off mostly, but what was left I hated the look of…

I should have kept going from here…

I couldn’t see myself going anywhere from a splotchy green stained white, so I bit the bullet and went for stripping the minis clean. To my dismay, unprimed Vallejo cold white over bare plastic was the hardest crap to clean I’ve ever came across…

I’ve been going to town with a toothbrush and alcohol at them multiple times… I managed to snap two little adornments that were hanging by small chains, too. Not great.

Also… kinda… the ebay bid on my Dark Angels ends today with little to no interest by the buyers, so far. And broke as a rat, right now, having it sniped in the last minute by the minimum I’ve set them for as starting bid, somehow, still looks like a great thing it could happen.


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