40K Adepta Sororitas – In time for a change of hearts… – WIP part_5

I must say I wasn’t familiar at all with the Battle Sisters’ orders (Chapters/Armies), them being a (for us old folks) what I would call new… Third-edition-new… but you know what I mean. To me, they all seem to be black, red and white… But of course, there is nuisance to the actual choices. As I was listening to lore, army lists and such while painting, I came to the realization that there are what very much everyone agrees; two decent ones, and the rest… Well… Crap.

And one of the two (more centered around close-combat, or were flamers?) are the ones dressed in mainly red. Painting black armor was not leaving much room for fun… You have to be really good with reflections, smooth transitions (or leave it at a bare one little highlight) to not read as sloppy and bring forward all your downfalls as a painter. White, without some serious trickery, is not much more forgiving… But contrary to what I find a weird consensus, to me, red is instead, quite straightforward… And it allows to be a lot more free, even if it indeed takes more steps to make it interesting/rewarding. So hey… Only rule above “rule of cool”, or even before it, is “rule of fun”… If the meta, on top, makes it better, that’s a nice added bonus.

So, I decided to give some saturation to what I had using Vallejo’s Transparent Red, the result took great some further highlight of GW’s Mephiston red (a matt base-color), and some shadow accents with GW’s Drakenhof Nightshade (a dark bluish-purple wash) and I still have places to go. For other stuff, I will deviate (or not) from canon… we’ll see as I move forward. So far, my tabards and corsets are already different. Going with leather and reds, on this five… The Khorne Red I had, washed with some Agrax Earthshade (brown wash) for the cloth and Rhinox hide (deep brown) for the weird armored lingerie. Most other details are to be painted as either Gold (going with GW’s Retributor Armor) and Silver (decades old Mithrill Silver) with the tubes being based first in dirty-white (Pallid Wych Flesh) and then given a coat of the “quite miraculous” GW contrast paint Black Templar, that on the appropriate surface, looks better than anything I had previously done “by hand”, either edge-highlighting or drybrushing. (I think), the, again, bit off-place lingerie straps on their legs got a coat of GW’s contrast Wirmwood. (This nun ladies are all about mixed-messages, apparently… or simply waiting for big E?) Where needed, the metal was fixed of blunders using Vallejo Natural Steel.

In person, they look like different materials, but those cloth garments might benefit from a totally different hue, other than red.


4 thoughts on “40K Adepta Sororitas – In time for a change of hearts… – WIP part_5

  1. Nice painting, as always. I wouldn’t worry about which colours represent the ‘good’ rule sets as these are so changeable; just paint the way you like and enjoy not playing with bare grey plastic.

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    1. Thanks! Well, I have never played 40k… But I roleplay as one who does! One day that might change, although it “suddenly” seems less likely than ever! But personally liking to paint red way better than black or white, was the defining factor!


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