40K Adepta Sororitas – Bloody Rose Zephyrim – WIP Part_6

Going alright… Got the base gold out of the way and got to test a sketch for the OSL on the brassier atop the standard pole. (Yellow and Red Vallejo transparent over a drybrush of white, and over it again) All the leather got a mid-tone of GW’s Steel Legion Drab brown.

Picked up with Mythrill Silver some of the small iconography, pearls/beads on their rosary-thingies and armor “clamps” on the sides of their leg-pieces. Weapons got contrast-black on the panels and I based the parchment with Ice Yellow from Vallejo, gave it to the blades of the power-swords, too. Not sure how to treat the banner, but gave it a white contrast layer over white drybrush to start getting an idea… But got carried away on that dove, and practically got it finished! White base, a wash of Fenrissian Grey (bluish gray) yellow for the beak and legs… a small white highlight on top and two small black dots made with a pen to serve as eyes. The wax seals got a base of pure Mephiston Red, which proves the saturation can still go much higher to achieve contrast without touching a drop of white (or pink) and there is the magenta route, too. Some things I decided were “electric” got a base of GW’s Jade Green, basically those squares at the back-top of the backpacks and some “switch-lights” on the weapons.

I’m to the point where everything got the base or least one-tone highlight so that I think I’ll move to either an enamel, or oil-wash, before the final round of highlights. Tempted to varnish before the fact, as to avoid scraping, but afraid of weird chemical reactions… or reactivations of the layers under, that could mess the whole thing up. The appropriate varnish could very much be the very thing that avoids this thing to happen… But I’m at a nerve-wrecking 50% success rate with the whole process lately… So I’m figuring it’s maybe better to screw the work with a wrong painting step, than have destroyed by the step you took to protect it! But first… Need to go back to those metals -.- Looking at this pictures I realized one or two things that need fixed. And the inner thread of the rosaries got nothing yet, too…

Should I do something on those drapes…? Freehand…? Decals…? Change them to either Black or White…?


3 thoughts on “40K Adepta Sororitas – Bloody Rose Zephyrim – WIP Part_6

    1. Thanks! Well, the worrisome part is the turpentine… I ended going with enamel, and still used it to clean some excess and top areas, no varnish, it all went well. And it’s somewhat nice to have all those different shines on the different surfaces… Still I’ll end up matt-varnishing it all, most certainly…

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  1. Damn! Your progress on these has just been flying along. I feel like I went away for a weekend and came back and you’re already almost done! 😛 The colors are looking bold and brilliant – and Bloody Rose is a fantastic choice. Keep it up!

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