40K Bloody Rose Zephyrim Squad – WIP Part_7 – Nearly there!

Thought today was the day, but not quite! A lot was done, only things left are having fun, and not to screw up anyhing… too massively.

I solved my need for a “something else” on those drapes by a serious attempt of freehanding a white stripe all around those.

The banner got a layer of transparent red… Not sure how to finish it, but the curtain now matches.

To line everything up, I decided on enamel. AK’s Track Wash, a deep ocre in already the perfect dilution, so that it barely needed some touches of a turpentine dumped brush, on the direction I was trying to imply light directionality… Their top right side. Also gave the “wings”/exhausts some matt dark grey that I blended to brown and finished with a drybrush of metallic blue.

I moved to final highlights with Steel Legion Drab on the leathers, followed by XV-88. The gold got some Vallejo Gold, and to the silvers, a highlight of Mytrill. I also gave it to the ribets.

The armor got a spot of highlight with old GW’s Blood Red. Then I addressed the missing iconography bit on top of the Superior’s backpack… Chose one generic enough, as to not really marry into any particular order… Painted it gold and silver, with just acrylic washed over, so that it blends.

Parchments got some line-layer with Vallejo’s Offwhite (pergamino/parchment in the original Spanish bottle naming) and some Aggrax Earth shade on top.

On the powerswords I did the same as for the Indomitus Astartes, blue transparent, white drybrush and lighting of Blue Fluor Vallejo and inner white.

Time to say goodbye to the magnetized “flying” stands. Used bicarbonate and superglue to really fix some wire in their bases, and drilled an insert point at their backpacks.

I can almost smell the weathering powder, now!


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  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    They look great- the thinner flight stands really help with the look too.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Way less noticeable with just a simple wire, yes… It’s springy and quite poseable. Less prone to snapping… But, on top, with the main parts on magnets, if (when) they fall, the energy gets dispersed as they come apart, and nothing gets broken.


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