Finished! Part_8 – 40K Adepta Sororitas – Seraphim/Zephyrim Squad.

I have some extra touches to apply, mainly cotton fire and hair effects, weathering pigments and maybe… Just maybe… A bunch of those dried flowers that look like roses to scale… But the painting properly it’s finished! After a rocky start, I’m elated with the final result! I feel like I really squished those sprues for all they could give me! Just five units at any given time… But with quite a selection of gear and alternative heads to choose from. Painting twenty-seven little arms was a repetitive, but straightforward conveyor operation… But with the heads I just indulged myself beyond what was needed to practice painting female faces, of which I had little experience. It was that, plus a lot of small golden buttons in this last stretch! Well, and the basing… which I rushed to the point of not even bothering with my “signature” Bubonic Brown/Zamesi Desert base-trim … Heretical at best!

Here’s how they came out, in the configurations I envisioned in “Part_1″… Minus one head that got lost on the dreaded “Part 2”.

Order of the Cheap Dandelion
Sisterhood of the Saffron Chalice

Daughters of the Holy Spectacle

Hope you enjoyed the journey! More to come!

This was technically… It.
I should have thinned those paints more, but I got creative when working on those faces!


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  1. Excellent mate. 🙂

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  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those are superb- really nice work.



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  3. Argentbadger says:

    Top work. I can hear the wizzing of jump-packs as they descend on the enemies of the Imperium from here!


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